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Holiday pics

Well, it's that time of year again (dang... already?) and I want to see some holiday pics!

So, post your holidays pics, drawn, colored, sewn, photographed, 'shopped, scanned or whatevered. If it's someone else's fanart, please link to their journal, DA account or wherever they posted it (no stealing people's stuff, please). Non-x-mas pics, like Ramadan, Hanukkah, & so on would be great to see! *hopeful eyes*

As for me, I got that Disney Princess Mag & colored the Jasmine & Aladdin present pic.

I wanted something different from their usual color scheme, so I leaned towards more X-masy colors. Unfortunately, it kinda looks like Santa's workshop threw up on them. Upon seeing this, my mom promptly suggested blues & silvers. Thanks mom.

Also, I can't figure out if the Jasmine in the upper corner is supposed to be sexy, drunk or both. Both, probably.

Here's my crappy shading job.

& the original, if anyone else wants to have fun coloring. Remember to post your results here! ^__^

http://yumeoidaku.info/Jasmine/jas01.jpg = cover

http://yumeoidaku.info/Jasmine/jas02.jpg = present tags (drunk Jas! Yay!) Snow White looks good, actually, & I'm not a fan of hers.

http://yumeoidaku.info/Jasmine/jas03.jpg = Jasmine's Jewels (this title reminds me of the "Jasmine's Gems" paint from Home Depot)

http://yumeoidaku.info/Jasmine/jas04.jpg = Carpet Ride

http://yumeoidaku.info/Jasmine/jas06.jpg = act like Princess Jasmine checklist

http://yumeoidaku.info/Jasmine/jas07.jpg = Story page 1

http://yumeoidaku.info/Jasmine/jas08.jpg = Story page 2

I take it no one else has seen this mag? I think I have an older one with Jas, if anyone wants me to scan it.

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