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Another version of Aladdin

So, I have recently acquired some copies of Aladdin workprints, which are pretty much rough versions in one way or another of a movie or media. One disc is pretty much the movie in storyboards, some fully animated scenes, and pencil tests (asdfnaksd ALWAYS WANTED THAT OMG <3) with a few little changes here and there (It's Crazy Ahmed's Discount Fertilizer, The Cave of Wonders says it wants someone who is pure of heart, it says "WRONG" across Genie's chest instead of having that heart with the line through it, etc), but another is a early-late (does that make any sense? xD) version of the script before they cut it, changed some stuff and made it the movie we know today. I did a running commentary of what I was watching if anyone is interested. Some of the original stuff was...yeah xD

--Arabian Nights is still pretty much the same! IT HAS THE ORIGINAL UN-CUT LYRICS, TOO :P

--Genie's The Peddler's intro to showing all his wares is different. I know they went through a few takes with Robin with different items, but there's a few more added lines here and there.

--lol Jafar really yells Rasoul Azadani to open the cave. They weren't lying! XD

--There's emphasis on being wise enough to enter the Cave of Wonders, hmm.

--One Jump Ahead isn't a musical sequence yet, but the same actions are there with a few added things like Aladdin yelling "IT'S JUST A LOAF OF BREAD" right before the guards cut through the awning Aladdin is yelling at them from to make him come down XDD

--Aladdin just referred to himself and Abu as the greatest thieves in Agrabah. O rly? xD

--lol the bread they stole was stale and then they were dying for water after eating it xD.

--D'awww they got shut out of watching some other people eat dinner, and he gave up his little house/tent thing for a dog that took it because she just had puppies and was cranky and aww ;___;

--Yaaaaaaaaaay! "Count On Me"! <3 Loooove this song. I think it's my favorite cut song. Ooh, it has different ending lyrics from the one released on the Music Behind The Magic CD, too:

"Troubles may appear
But turn and I'll be here
You can count on me"

--Haha, Jasmine use to call Sultan 'papa'

--It mentions Jasmine is turning 16. I guess they haven't had that age issue conversation yet xD

--Oh, Mystic Blue Diamond sounds so much better than...'Black Diamond Ruby' wtf :/

--Rofl Iago was viooooolent. He said he was gonna choke Sultan by the neck until his eyes bug out xDD

--Damn, this movie was mean before the cut. Jafar just called the sultan "jumbo proportioned stupidity" xDD

--"I can't stay here and have my life auctioned off". It sounds sillier, but it makes more sense xD

--lol Jasmine made Aladdin spit out watermelon seeds when he saw her for the first time in the marketplace XDDDD <3

--Jasmine: That man wouldn't have really have cut off my hand...would he? D:
Aladdin: Haha, naw. Probably just a couple of fingers :D
Jasmine: :D .....DDDDDD:

--Oh God, the scene where he shows Jasmine the view of the city (since it's not his house here. They're just in that roof top area minus the roof) is still amazing <3

--omg does Jasmine have waterfalls in her mengarie?! WHY DID THEY TAKE THOSE OUT?! D:

--lol the cave says "WATCH YOUR STEP" instead of "TOUCH NOTHING BUT THE LAMP". Jafar is the one to warn him XD

--Rofl Iago when the cave is about to explode. "OH BOY THIS IS TROUBLE. GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE" XDDD

--Jafar just went ahead and took off his disguise right there when he got the lamp. He was just damn sure he won XD. But rofl, he's in the desert crying and having a fit he lost it XD

--The Jasmine/Sultan scene isn't here. I remember they said they added that later because they thought they were away from them for too long, but the transition between Jafar fussing and Aladdin waking up is strange without it now xD

--Oooh, early Genie intro stuff is still pretty much the same as the movie. Him coming out the lamp is a little different, though...

--Friend Like Me is pretty much the same. A lot of is it animated fully, too, since I think they said it's one of the first things they animated and have had around forever

--Rofl early Aladdin's hair was huge XD

--Storyboard!Aladdin's pants, which are more like ripped capris, are also killing me XDDD

--rofl, Iago called them 'dinks' instead of 'chumps'

--ROFL "Dost mine ears deceive me? Three? You are down by one, boy! 'Aww, he used a wished D: WAH-WAAAAAAAH'." This movie was so MEAN. Genie has the best "CRY MOAR N00B" attitude XDDDDDDDD

--Prince Ali is still pretty much the same. Genie's disguise isn't much of a disguise at all XD

--I find it weird Aladdin doesn't recognize Jafar considering he revealed himself at the Cave of Wonders when he took off his disguise. That turban can't be making that much a difference xD

--Iago use to chip in a lot speaking like a parrot repeating stuff. I'm kinda glad they cut some of that because it's getting annoyingly redundant :P


Aladdin: Genie, I need help! D:
Genie: Al, I've been around a few thousand years, you know? So let me give you just a little advice. The first rule in the game of love is...THERE ARE NO RULES! What you've got to do is go see her, boy! D:
Aladdin: I already told you. She refuses to even se--
Genie: See Prince Ali! But will that stop that scrappy, little second-story man from the backstreets of Agrabah? :D
Aladdin: :/

Seriously <3

--Rofl Genie!Bee "Talk. About. HER >___<" XDDDDDDD

*watches Jasmine pull turban over Aladdin's head*

--Rofl Aladdin was so desperate XD

Aladdin: It's a magic carpet :D
Jasmine: It's lovely :)
Aladdin: You don't...wanna go for a ride, do you? You can pretend I'm not even there! I won't even say a word! D:

God, I love him XDDD

--A Whole New World hasn't been added yet, but omg even the storyboard concepts are lovely D:. It's the same idea they went with in the movie, even down to some of the scenes with the birds and the clouds, but awww <3

--lol Aladdin tried standing up on Carpet doing this "I RULE THE WORLD" type pose, but Jasmine made it buckle underneath him so he fell back down feeling like a dope as she smirked at him XDDD <3


Jasmine: I'm so glad you're not dead :)
Aladdin: Me too :) ....... who said I was dead?! D:
Jasmine: Jafar D: Be very careful around him. He can't be trusted :O
Aladdin: Don't worry I can handle him >:(
Jasmine: Yes, I believe you can :D

That', this is different XDD. I like the scene in the movie waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. It was cuter and not such a mood killer like this is XD

--STILL THE BEST KISS EVER. LALALA NOT LISTENING. But aww, they do the princess/prince exchange as they part ways after the kiss. That's cute <3

--Iago talked a lot in this version of the movie, for real. I'm not use to him talking this much in the movie xD

--Wtf Jasmine is humming "Prince Ali" at her mirror while brushing her hair XDDDD

--It seems like Jasmine was a lot more aware of Jafar's motives in this version. She's accusing him of murder and lying and everything just after realizing her father is under a spell. I like it better in the movie where she's kind of unfairly taken in as a result of Aladdin's antics and isn't aware of what's going on. She's too smart too soon here, I think xD. Not that she's dumb or anything at all and wouldn't figure it out, but there's no build up to her figuring this out past just assuming it's Jafar because she can't stand him xD

--Haha, there's the Walter Cronkite "snatching victory from the jaws of defeat bit" bit they cut

--"Fine! You can just stay in there until *I* order you out!" That just made that scene 5 times worse for Aladdin on the jerk-o-meter XD

"Al, if you're going to apologize I don't know if I wanna hear it >:P *sees Jafar with the lamp*...uh oooooh, tall, dark and sinister D: Excuse me, have you seen a little guy around here? About yay tall, big hat, ungrateful?" This movie was so MEAN omg XD

--Haha, Abu was so not amused with having to boost Aladdin up to the balcony at the royal announcement in the city. He's still mad at him from earlier xD

--Ooh, there's narration during the scene where Jafar takes over instead of the reprise to Prince Ali. Guess they didn't come up with that yet after cutting Jafar's songs in general.

--Aww, the palace rolling over Aladdin in the snow is so much funnier when Abu is on top of his head going "O_O" XD. He made him get out the way in this version.

--wtf Genie is massaging Jafar's feet xD

--Haha, Jafar told Jasmine to get him more to drink and she knocked the glass out his hand instead. Love her xD. Although, her punishment for her temper was having to watch her father be mistreated as a puppet getting crackers shoved down his throat D:

--Aww, they put more emphasis on her looking at the apple in her hands with a saddened look D:

--lol Sultan. He saw Aladdin come down from the window and was going to run to him, but forgot he was still on strings and ended up getting tangled up in himself XDDDD. They kinda forget about him during that final battle in the movie, so this was nice. I wish they would have kept that in.

--Ooh, Jafar set Carpet on fire and then blew on it to make the ring of fire surround Aladdin. That's kinda cool <3

--Iago doesn't get sucked in the lamp in the end. He just follows after the lamp saying he'll get him out like a lackie or something. That's weird XD

--Ooh, the reprise to Arabian Nights that's from Aladdin and the King of Thieves is here. It ends with them kissing, and that's the image on the rug that transitions out to the peddler just like in the movie, too, aww <3

And that's about it. Aren't the changes strange? XD I wish I could get my hands on some more versions like the one when his mother was still in the story, but this'll do for now :D
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