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Behind-the-scenes stuff for all the movie geeks out there

So, I recently acquired an Aladdin cast yearbook where there was some nifty sketches I've never seen before, and cool cast pictures of EVERYONE who worked on the film. Any department you can think of pretty much has a picture in this XD. I don't understand a lot of the book because I wasn't there when the film was made, so 90% of the people in it and pictures they're taking are foreign to me, but I caught a few things. I personally adore stuff like that, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites from the book with everyone.

Cover of the book! Look at Aladdin and Jasmine, rofl XD

From Storyboard to finished product!

Mr. Ron and Mr. John! :D
...I'll stab someone for those maquettes, seriously :/

Awwww! :D omg I want those, too, they're in color andsfljasd


Random grovel time!


I'm beginning to understand where this movie gets its sense of humor from XD

Pondering animators are pondering.

I craaaacked up laughing at the following two pages for quite a while...

If you can't read the stuff on Aladdin's little desk, he has a bottle of steroids and a book that reads "How To Be Rich And Act Like A Prince" XDDDD

rofl Glen Keane. I heart that man.

I love how it's also a sanity meter XD

Abu and Iago sheets

Old Aladdin is scary D:

XD Poor Eric

I don't think they took too well to the major changes they had to do to the film when they're comparing it to knocking down Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel paintings while he's working on it XD

I thought they were really holding up a replica of Carpet for a minute there when I first saw this, so I was all "sdlfnaskdjf OMG I WANT THAT"....but alas it's just CGI ;___;

If anyone wants these pictures bigger or something, just ask! I have them on my computer. Enjoy!
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