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Aladdin clothing picspam!

A friend of mine mentioned how they hardly see Aladdin in different clothes, so I decided to do a picspam on all the outfits he wears in the movies and series. Please note, I left out any outfits Genie puts him in for a few seconds, the time period ones from Lost and Founded, or stuff in the books or on merchandise/multi-media because I'm lazy. Maybe someday I'll go back and add them :P

Also, I did these off the top of my head, so if I missed anything, let me know!



Aladdin's default outfit. Please note his pants also includes...

...a hobo patch! Everyone loves the hobo patch!

...even Creepy McCreepies.


Not really an outfit, but baww, so cute.

Aladdin now becomes Aladdin Reloaded: Prince Ali Edition, and gains a spiffy new outfit much to the dismay of anyone at home watching who may have been oogling his arms (...>_>) He does get a sexy cape, though!

"Also, I now have shoes 8D"

Aladdin: I have shoes 8D

Aladdin doesn't have too many outfit changes in the movie. He just loses pieces of his clothing here and there, and goes back to his default outfit.

"I can't find my hat >:("

"Aww, man D:"

"I can keep the shoes, though, right? D:" oh, hi there, Hidden Mickey

"Aw, come on! Seriously? D:"

He manages to sneak in one last outfit at the end of it, though.

"I got my shooooooes..."

"You got your shooooes..."

"And sexy cape baaaaaaaaaack"

The Return of Jafar

Aladdin's outfit here is basically the same thing he's been wearing, but minus the hobo patch!

"Easy, Rajah! I just got rid of my hobo patch, that's all! D:"

Rajah approves of the hobo patch leaving.

So does Jasmine. Aladdin soon discovers getting rid of the hobo patch increases his sexy abilities.

"Who knew? 8D"

Again, he doesn't have too many outfit changes and nothing we haven't already seen.

Boy, it's a good thing animators never goof up outfits randomly in the middle of a scene.

Iago: Hey, Aladdin, wasn't your collar different a minute ago?
Aladdin: No!
Iago: Yeah! I think it was!

Aladdin: No it wasn't!

Disney's Aladdin the series

My Fair Aladdin

This Just In: Aladdin is nomononomonommy in light blue.

That is all.

"I'm nomononomonommy in light blue 8)"

Servin' up some SEXY

"Hey, you need to calm down! I said there's enough sexy for everyone. Wait your turn!"

The Wind Jackals of Mozenrath

Aladdin, Jasmine and Abu are on a supa seekrit mission in The Land of the Black Sand. Jasmine seems to have over-dressed for the occasion, but Aladdin doesn't mind.

"Hey, you should keep that outfit for later kthx"

Sexy humpback driver-person in a cloak...or something

I don't even know, but Abu makes me laugh

Aladdin practices his best Sleeping Beauty impression, but worries he might die. Don't worry, sweetie, the point is on the other end of the sword. You'll be fine.

"Aladdin tied up, yaaaaaaay!" I'm a terrible fangirl, by the way. It just gets worse as this goes on.

As The Netherworld Turns

Oh, Aladdin ♥

Plunder The Sea

Aladdin tries to show off his hand at sailing, and Genie gives him a swanky sea outfit to not look like a landlubber match

Genie has no idea why the rum is gone

Aladdin discovers he has Davy Jones' heart in his bag

"...$#%& D:"

"Putting your hand down your pants is not going to stop The Kraken from killing us, sir!"

Again, good thing the animators never goof up their outfits randomly in the middle of a scene! I don't mind this one, though

Of Ice And Men

He wears this a couple times, usually when going to the Frozen North or when there's a snowy condition.

Ice Afreet abuse lol

Strike Up The Sand

Jasmine has made a new outfit for Aladdin. Aladdin hates it.

Jasmine loves it. Thus, he has to wear it for the rest of the episode because Jasmine tops. Never forget this.


Aladdin eventually rips his collar off

Between losing the hat and the collar, it's a vast improvement already

It reminds me of something from the 70s for some reason. IT'S HIS DISCO OUTFIT OMG.

Aladdin's poor outfit is pretty much trashed by the end of the episode and I doubt he's sad about it. As a matter a fact, he wants Sadira to stop talking so he can go home and burn the rest of it so Jasmine can't fix it.

Shadow of a Doubt

It's basically his Prince Ali outfit, but with a different color scheme. I like it!

Double sexy take!

Look at that thinking pose! I wonder what he's pondering about. Probably something heroic and dashing.

" there any cake left over from last night?"

For some reason, they felt the need to change his oufit to his Prince Ali outfit minus the cape when he did this. It was an episode about mirages and such, but idk whatever.

Sands of Fate

Aladdin gets sucked into a time warp and became part of a group called the Riders of Ramond. Those earrings and that hat make him look ridiculous :/

"I look ridiculous"

Meeeeeeeh :/

The Vapor Chase

It was getting kind of cold in Agrabah, so he wore this. Somehow, it makes him look poor(er), but stylishly poor. That takes skill.

I think it's the bottom of the pants doing it for me. They're held there by little ropes, see? Awww. Side note, but Abu pissed his fez got stolen is hilariously cute.

"Jasmine, this is not my Batman glass"
/Family Guy reference

Riders Ridux

Aladdin infiltrates a group of marauders and dresses the least as far as head gear is concerned.

"I can't find my Batman glass, so I'm just going to wear my super hero cape and angst like Batman instead"

"You do NOT touch my super hero cape! No! Bad, Rasoul! >:("

Smolder and Wiser

It's like his cab driver outfit in The Wind Jackals of Mozenrath, only it has a rope for the belt and he didn't steal it lol

When Chaos Comes calling

Aladdin ditches his default clothes!!...only not really and just changes the cummerbund and vest.

"I just like this style, what can I say?"

As if enough weird things don't happen on this show as it is, a flying cat who could very much be a relative of the Cheshire Cat creates Aladdin's evil twin for him to fight since he found out the only person who can defeat Aladdin is himself.

"I hate you."

And Aladdin's evil twin hates him, bawww.

Aladdin and the King of Thieves
ALADDIN FINALLY GETS MARRIED, YOU GUYS, but not before showing off some ~new outfits~

This is actually the outfit just shown in When Chaos Comes Calling, but it's nice to see they paid attention to that detail for the movie.

"...who cropped the DVD like this?"

...moving on :D

dey finley gettin' maried lol

But then the unthinkable happens! ...someone tried to touch Aladdin's baklava mountain he had the chef prepare for his wedding! Aladdin does not play around when it comes to his baklava mountain, so the coat had to come off because he was about to bust some skulls.

"Touch my baklava mountain? I think not!"

"Dad? I KNOW you were not trying to touch my baklava mountain >:("

But he was trying to touch Aladdin's baklava mountain and he touch it he did. Aladdin was not happy about this, so he changed his clothes and went after his dad to confront him about it.


While waiting around for Cassim, Aladdin took off his cape and hat.

Iago: You're doing all this over baklava?
Aladdin: Yep.
lol look at abu's face

Aladdin: why did you touch my baklava mountain again?
Cassim: I just wanted a piece, son!

Aladdin: Next time you want some of my baklava mountain, you ask me first, ok?!
Cassim: ...Ok :(

Aladdin: Hey, don't pout like that. I didn't mean to yell. I was just upset. The chef hates me after everything Abu has stolen. I had to work very hard for that baklava mountain.
Cassim: I didn't know :(

Aladdin: Well, now you know, ok? I want you to think about what you've done. I'm going to bed now. Good-night, dad.
Cassim: Good-night, son :(

A few days later, Aladdin tries to get married again and gets another version of his wedding outfit.

"Why do I need another wedding outfit? What was wrong with the other one? And, wait a minute...where are all the guests?!"

Aladdin: ...tell me you didn't forget to tell the guests to come back.
Sultan: D'oh!

Later that night and minus one wedding coat, Aladdin sits in his hovel pondering.

"Where did these two extra steps come from, guys? I use to only have three and now there's five...or has there always been five and I never noticed?" What is going on in my life these days?

Bored with trying to figure out why the animators didn't use some references during this scene, Aladdin plays dress up with his father's clothes for some sexy cosplay.

Even Genie admits that's pretty sexy cosplay.

"That's pretty sexy cosplay."


"Daring duck of mystery..."

"Champion of right..."

"Swoops out of the shadows..."

"Darkwing owns the night..."

"Somewhere some villain schemes..."

"But his number's up! Three, two, one!"

"Darkwing Du--"


"...could you at least have let me finish the chorus? That's the part everyone is waiting for. Jeez."

Upset he couldn't finish his song, Aladdin takes off his hood and goes to fuss about it to Iago.

Iago: They wouldn't let you finish the song?
Aladdin: No! Isn't that stupid? And it just got to the best part!

Bonus: Pissed off Aladdin on a horse. nomnom.


Aladdin's Work-Out Video: I'd buy it....but not actually do any exercise. Just watch him >_>

Of course, none of these clothes particularly matter seeing as how about five minutes after this movie was over, anything he was wearing was on the floor anyways >_>

But, tada! :D

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