Blue (blue_rampion) wrote in agrabah,

An analysis of Jasmine

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That was so refreshing to read, thank-you for posting that. I've largely left Disney fandom due to the incessant bashing and childish attitudes that run rampant. If it's not "jasmine is a slut!!" it's "jasmine is a brat cuz she's not like belle omgz!11" It's so nice to see some intelligent fans are still around.

Icon love, by the way! ♥
I'll pass on your thanks! (I'm not too involved in Disney fandom as a whole myself, but I've seen some arguments where people do things like pit the Princesses against each other. It makes me sad ;_;)

Thank you!
So cool! Thanks for sharing.

An interesting essay. Glad I came across it.

I'm less sympathetic to Jasmine's character. I see her as a postfeminist hero in that she starts the film having to marry a prince so that he can become Sultan but by the end of the film, when the royal restriction is removed, she becomes politically exploitable and sexually available to any man, and she is grateful for this "freedom." Because the film is a story about Aladdin, who can easily be described as a pathological liar with low self-esteem, the writers didn't think twice about imposing a patriarchal structure that would keep Jasmine in a supporting, dependent role.