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Agrabah - The Aladdin LJ Community

When did you last let your heart decide?

The Original Aladdin LJ Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Welcome to agrabah, the first LiveJournal community exclusively for Disney’s Aladdin! This community was created by shanito when it was realized that LJ had a community for everything else, why not one of Walt Disney feature animation’s finest productions? Thus, agrabah was born! This community dedicated everything related to the to our favorite desert crew.

This community is moderated by shanito Any questions can be e-mailed to her at the address provided above.

Please read the community rules before joining and posting.


1) Please, show respect to your fellow lj users. Discussions on controversial subjects are allowed as long as it doesn’t disintegrate into a spamming war. shanito doesn’t tolerate spamming wars.

2) This is not the place to join and post that “taht MOvie Aladen sux!” or “Dizny mAkes STUpiD kidy cartoons!” Any of this will immediately get you kicked out and banned from the community.

3) No inappropriate images or hateful posts will be tolerated. Very minimal language will be tolerated. Use your head. You will first get a warning, but shanito reserves the right to boot anyone who disobeys this simple rule.

4) Try and stay more or less on topic. Again, use common sense. While general Disney info is not only tolerated, but encouraged, what you ate for breakfast this morning is better kept to your own personal journal.

5) When posting fan fiction and fanart, please only post YOUR OWN WORK. Plagiarism is NOT tolerated, and will result in being immediately kicked out and banned from the community. If there is a work you enjoy and want others to read or view, please post a link to it.

Subjects You Are Encouraged to Post On:
~ News and Information on any of the Aladdin films, and the Aladdin television series.

~ News and Information on any of the men and women involved in Aladdin (Glen Keane, Alan Menken, Lea Salgona and Robin Williams are a few examples).

~ Artwork related to Aladdin (Computer wallpapers, lj icons, fanart, etc.).

~ Aladdin fan fiction.

~Links to Aladdin websites of all shapes and sizes.

~Anything Aladdin!!!!!

Hope you all have fun, and again... welcome to Agrabah!